Electronic Copy
(Infrared Detector Cloud)

Andy Doro & Rory Nugent


photos by Alexander Reeder, Aichen Lin & Gian Pablo Villamil


shot by Ai-chen Lin

electroniccopy.mov - 13.6 MB. 18 sec.
shot by Rory Nugent

130 printed circuit boards hanging in a spherical grid configuration. Each circuit contains an infrared phototransistor and a high-flux warm white LED. The LED glows in proportion to the amount of infrared light falling on the phototransistor, translating invisible infrared light into visible white light. The installation allows viewers to see something in the environment which would otherwise be invisible. The LEDs are controlled purely by the physical properties of the electronic components.

Electronic Copy (Infrared Detector Cloud) was featured at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts in Singapore, July 25 to August 3, 2008.